Stories so far

Here are some blogposts…

Provocations on technology

Summarising your responses to the national conversation

Your responses to the first question in week one

Your responses to the second question in week two

Your responses to the third question in week three

Your responses to the final questions in week four

On trends affecting cultural and creative learning in the future

Connected citizenship: trends and issues in young people and digital engagement with the world, by Cliff Manning

Digital changing culture: on the ways that digital is affecting creativity and culture, and countertrends

Gotta catch’em: How Pokemon points the way to future learning

Bacc for the future: About how arts, culture and vocational learning are being squeezed out, and the plan for a compulsory EBacc

Power stations of the imagination:  About STEAM, maker spaces, assessment of creativity, and new uses for power stations – largely quoting Stephen Heppell

Learning Digital Literacy: About how much digital literacy is innate or needs to be supported in children and young people, by Amy Hetherington

Creativity and self-led learning: About how education reforms are reducing self-led learning that allows a balance of creative and methodical modes

Ways to think about the future

The future of…: A conversation with futurist, Mark Stevenson, by Fatima Khuzem

Black Swans: About scenario planning as a method for thinking about the future

Thinking behind Future Views: About our research design for this project

About cultural and creative learning in places

Adding to Cultural Ecosystems: On an ecological approach to cultural provision in places

About the Art Inspiring Change project in Margate, by Karen Eslea

And about some other interesting projects

About work-based learning in the Cultural Heritage sector, by Laura Lewis-Davies

Call to participate in The Future Assembly

Gazing at the Future: Review by Fatima Khuzem of a play about the future of education, written and performed by young people

More posts are very welcome, especially from young people, about the future of cultural and digital learning, about future skills or issues affecting places in the future. Get in touch on with suggested topics or written posts.