This section provides some resources and articles for thinking about the future, especially about technology, culture and education, but also about the wider world.

Your first stop is the Future Views Toolkit

The Future Views Facebook group includes news and topical comment

A Storify of NESTA’s FutureFest2016 

Future-building inspiration Pinterest board – contains 100s of links to toolkits, inventions, ideas and quotes

Digital cultural learning Pinterest board – 100s of links to digital culture and education innovations and projects

Eco-innovation Pinterest board – 100s of links about innovative designs for a more ecological future

Wired is the go-to place for news of latest technologies, discoveries and contemporary culture

Gizmodo is similar e.g. this article about nine bizarre future jobs

Nesta is a good resource of articles and initiatives, including its FutureFest, an annual festival in September. Also, this report ‘Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow’.

Institute for the Future 

Atlas of the Future invites contributors to submit projects they are working on that are socially, environmentally and technologically innovative, from anywhere in the world.

How we get to next, stories about how we make our future

Doug Belshaw’s collection of links on the future of work and learning, including toolsets.

Hundred, 100 changemakers interviewed about the future of education

Cultural Learning Alliance – Advocacy, policy ideas and evidence for cultural learning

Open Ideo offers a good insight into challenge-based learning that uses technology and also global challenges of now and the future

Futures Centre, platform for journalism and trends about the future

Speculative Everything – book about speculative design and the future by Dunne and Raby