Navigating the future of cultural learning

Yesterday we (Susanne Buck and I, Flow Associates) were at the Rising Tide conference, hosted by the Royal Opera House Bridge, taking place at Chatham Historic Dockyard. It was all about Navigating the Future of Cultural Learning, and the role of cultural learning at a time of ‘seismic global transformation’. We were there to run… Read More Navigating the future of cultural learning

But What Next?

Exploring the future of work-based learning and cultural heritage Guest post by Laura Lewis-Davies, Museum Education Consultant and Assessor/Internal Verifier for Cultural Heritage qualifications There are a number of fantastic traineeships out there for the cultural heritage sector at the moment. These funded* Work-Based Learning (WBL) placements provide the future cultural heritage workforce with access… Read More But What Next?

Creativity and self-led learning

All effective or meaningful learning depends on a good balance between Creative and Methodical modes. MODES Creative Methodical Ways of communicating Connotative Denotative Ways of thinking Divergent and open-ended Convergent and judging Ways of perceiving Inward and reflecting Outward and observing Ways of making Poietic and generative Technical and imitative Creative modes can flourish even… Read More Creativity and self-led learning