About Future Views

Future Views is a forward-looking research project, providing tools to help imagine the next generation of cultural learning.

Royal Opera House Bridge, Artswork and Festival Bridge are working together with Cultural Education Partnerships across the South East. They commissioned us, Flow Associates, to organise a series of discussions and create a toolkit, to explore how emerging technologies, organisational behaviours and critical trends in the world might shape cultural learning in a local context.

We used processes inspired by Design Thinking and Speculative Design to create tools that are rooted in reality whilst unleashing imagination about the future. We worked with groups of young people and experts in four locations, and in discussion groups online, to explore big questions about making and consuming culture, learning, and working in the future. This process produced general and local findings, suggesting paths to preferable futures in terms of creative, cultural and digital learning.h local

The Future Views Toolkit is now available to any cultural learning partnerships to help them run a Future Views workshop and to plan their own local ‘route map to the future’.

As this project is about the next generation of cultural learning, it makes sense to offer a definition of this. The Cultural Learning Alliance describes it as “active engagement with the creation of arts and heritage” and gives more detail here. ACE-supported Cultural Education Partnerships don’t aim to define the limits of creative, artistic and heritage experiences, rather to nurture connections in places so that there are no limits on the imaginative and creative opportunities for children and young people.

If you’d like to write a blogpost, or find out more about Future Views workshops, email us on hello@flowassociates.com or using the form on the Contact page.




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