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Future Views is a forward-looking research project, with a series of discussions and tools to help imagine the next generation of cultural learning up to 2036. Throughout October 2016 we conducted a national conversation with online discussions, and pilot workshops for groups of young people and experts. We are continuing to roll out workshops across the South East.

You can still join the conversation by commenting on blogposts here, or asking to join this Facebook group. Use the #FutureViews hashtag on Twitter, if you have anything relevant to share.

You can read summaries of views shared so far from our intensive conversation in October 2016, from week oneweek twoweek three and week four.

Some background to the project:

Royal Opera House Bridge, Artswork and Festival Bridge are working together with Local Cultural Education Partnerships (LCEPs) across the South East. They commissioned us, Flow Associates, to organise a series of discussions to explore how emerging technologies, organisational behaviours and critical trends in the world might shape cultural learning in a local context. Flow is using processes inspired by Design Thinking and Speculative Design to create a toolkit now available to any other cultural learning partnerships to help them consult and plan for the future.

To get you thinking, have a look at some resources about the future here and some blogposts submitted by guests and Flow researchers.

If you’d like to write a blogpost use the Contact form or email us on

These are the questions we are asking, through the workshops and online discussions:

  • TRENDS: Thinking about an area you’re interested in, especially about how young people will be able to access culture, skills and meaningful work, what are the biggest things happening in the world now that will affect your area in the future? What impact will they have, and will these impacts be negative or positive?
  • SCENARIOS: What will this future world look like? What will have been invented that didn’t exist before?
  • IMAGINING CREATIVITY: What kinds of creative activities might young people enjoy doing? What problems will people need to solve with creativity?
  • SKILLS AND ATTITUDES: What kinds of people does this future need? What are the biggest barriers to these being developed in the area you’re thinking of? What action can be taken to overcome these barriers?


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